Department on Academic Mobility



Director of the Department for academic work

c.p.s.,Assistant professor


Contacts:  tel/facs: 8 (727) 2926997

Теl: 8 (727) 3387007

internal number.7007

E-mail: [email protected]

Deputy Director of the Department for academic work

c.m.s.,Assistant professor

Slavko Yelena Alekseevna

Contacts:  tel/facs: 8 (727) 3387037

internal number.7501

E-mail: [email protected]



Department of academic work (DAW) is a structural subdivision of the University, responsible for educational work and the organization of learning activities in the university. Priority  work of the department is the implementation and realization of the model of KazNMUmedicaleducation, improving the structure and content of educational programs in accordance with the program of scientific and educational activities of the university, the requirements of international standards — state, society and employers.

The structure of the department of academic work includes structural subdivisions below:

1. Department of educational and methodical works(DEMW);

2. Department on planning and controlling of the educational process (DPand CEP);

3. Language Center (LC);

4. Office management (OM).


Personnel structure of Department of academic work:

  1. Senior Methodologist of Department — UsmanovaМ.V.
  2. Supernumeraryof Department –AldabergenovaA.Zh.


Contactphones: 8 (727) 3387090 (in.7502)

University administration, №211 cabinet,