With the opening of the Medical Institute and carried out military training medical students to train medical officers stock. First (s1931g. At 1935). It was carried out by military leaders Institute (Brukendalov V., bitch NT, Petrov VM.). Taught sanitary – chemical and sanitary defense tactics.

In January 1938, was created a military department. The first head of department was appointed Chudinov VV In the state of the military department was 4 (SNK dated 10 November 1937. VKVSH and on February 2, 1938.). From February 16, 1939. was organized by the teaching of individual military medical disciplines related departments of the institute.

So, at the Department of Hospital Surgery was organized study of military surgery. Teaching toxicology toxic substances was carried out at the department of pharmacology as an independent course, led him to associate professor Sevastiyanov GT

Employees of the military department were military-media and sports activities at the institute. Military Department during the war also took part in the OSOVIAHIMa later DOSAAF.

Further development of the department receives its wartime and post-war time. Since 1944, the Department of amenities replenished complete-Scheduled medical supplies Regiment. The department was housed in 5 rooms in the second case. By the end of 1945 at the military department has worked one professor – Rabinovich LA, one associate professor – Chudinov VV, 8 senior teachers.

At the department is constantly conducted research work for defense purposes. Were protected thesis on the organization and tactics of medical service, toxicology, medical supplies (Professor Rabinovitch LA, Associate Professor AA Belyakov, Associate Professor VV Chudinov, Professor Sivertsev I.I). The department has honored pharmacist Kazakh SSR Denisenko GM, Honored Doctor of the Kazakh SSR Eremyants AM and Savchenko AP

Since the establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the present military department prepared a 5725 medical officers stock.

Many graduates of the institute became a medical officer in responsible positions in the Armed Forces of the USSR (Col. Gen. m / s, Professor Gaidar B.V.- Head of the Military Medical Academy, Major General m / s Dobrikov EV – Chief Medical Officer South group of Forces, Professor Polumiskov YM – Head of the Department – military medical faculty at TSOLIUV).

Graduates of the military department of the University he served in the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan in leadership positions. Among them, Major-General of Medical Service Nurmagambetov TS – The first head of the Military Medical Department of Defense of Kazakhstan, Colonel m / s Dubinin SN – The first major specialist MoD RK, Colonel m / s Vysochin AS – The first chief surgeon MoD RK.

With the formation of the Republic of Kazakhstan the main task of the department is to train medical officers of the Armed Forces reserve for the Republic of Kazakhstan. The staffing of the department provided 9 teachers and 8 people teaching and support staff.

The department trains military physicians in the following accounting military specialties:

– Medicine in ground troops,

– General dentistry,

– General hygiene, epidemiology total,

– Pharmacy.

At the department are equipped with specialized classes for obschevoennoy preparation, organization and tactics of medical service, military toxicology and medical protection of nuclear and chemical weapons, the organization providing medical supplies. Military surgery, military-field therapy, military hygiene and Epidemiology military, military dentistry is performed on the basis of the clinical departments of the university.

To teach complete-used-issue medical property fund and improvised tent field equipment medical company teams and individual elements of a separate medical battalion (detachment), radiation and chemical reconnaissance, personal protective equipment.

The first chief of the military department was a military doctor of the 3rd rank, Associate Professor <b> Vitaly V. Chudinov. </ B>

Then the department was headed:

-polkovnik m / s, Professor Rabinowitz LA (1945-1949 biennium)

– Colonel m / IP Knyazev (1949 – 1956 years)

– Colonel m / s Zharylkapov SJ (1956-1957 biennium)

– Colonel m / s, Ph.D. Belyakov AA (1957 – 1963 years)

– Colonel m / s Abenov KA (1963-1976 biennium)

– Colonel m / s Eremyants AM (1976-1983 biennium)

– Colonel m / s Emelyanov JG (1983-1994 years)

– Colonel m / s Kazbagarov RK (1994- 2004 years)

– Colonel m / s Abdymomunov KA Since 2004 -2011gg.

– Lt. Col. m / s Zharymbetov KB with 2010-04.2012g. acting head of the department.

– Colonel m / s, Ph.D. Isabaev ZT – With 04.2012g. to the present.

Many university graduates who have received military medical training in the walls of the Department perform their professional and military duty as doctors of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Among them: Lt. Col. m / s Ryspaev T. – Deputy Head of the Central Medical skalada MoD RK, Colonel m / s Nagaeva NG – Chief Medical Officer of the Institute of Land Forces, Lt. Col. m / s Gabbasova ZB – Head of Pharmacy Military Clinical Hospital Almaty, Major m / s Vasetsky AN – Head of the department of infectious Military Clinical Hospital Almaty, Major m / s Dauletova SA – Head of the department of functional diagnostics Military Clinical Hospital Almaty, etc. ..

Three officers of the department: Colonels Kazbagarov RK, Kalistratov VS Zhaksigeldinov MT awarded high government award – the Order “For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces» III degree.

Currently, the military department of the University, led by Colonel m / s, kmn Isabaeva ZT share their experience with students 5 senior teachers and 1 teacher.

To teaching the officers of the department came, having extensive experience in the Army: Lieutenant Colonel m / s Iskaliev RI with the deputy chief of the Military Clinical Hospital of MoD RK on educational and socio-legal work, Colonel m / s retired Abdymomunov KA – From the post of Chief of the Armed Forces Medical Internship RK, Colonel MK Shushbaev – From the post of deputy chief of the military department AZVI Colonel Zhaksigeldinov MT – From the post of Head of the Department of Defense artillery weapons Kazakhstan, Colonel m / s Lesbaev AT – As chief of medical service teams, Colonel m / s stock Dmitriev PV – From the post of head of the military clinics; Colonel m / s retired Isakov IM – From the post of Acting Chief of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan Internship.

Together with them, worked as head of educational laboratories: a retired colonel Alshanbaev KD – Arrived with the post of Chief of the Training Division of the Military Institute of Radio Electronics MoD RK Urkinbaeva BM, Svistunova IA .., senior laboratory Orazalieva GN

In 2010, the department set up a center of military-patriotic education im.B.Momyshuly who actively participates in all the educational activities of the university.

Teachers military department regularly participate in events held across the KazNMU im.S.D.Asfendiyarova.

From 9 th to 18 th September 2012, the delegation headed by senior teacher of the military department lieutenant colonel m / s stock Lesbaevym AT made a trip on the route Moscow-Smolensk-g.Nevel (Pskov region., Russia) -g.Vitebsk-St.-Petersburg-Almaty-Uralsk to places of military glory of the Soviet Union Hero Manshuk Mametova to the place of her birth and death.

The delegation brought the urn with earth from the grave Manshuk Mametova, as well as its biographical materials.

With the participation of the military department held an event on the scale of the University dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Manshuk Mametova (student Almaty Medical univeriteta).

These events were attended by First Minister of Defense – Halyk Kakharmany General armiii – Nurmagambetov SK

Teacher of the military department lieutenant colonel m / s stock Lesbaev AT with a group of students at the military department participated in sports activities between the military educational institutions and military departments of Almaty.

Military Department participated from 04 th to 08 th February 2013 in the individual-team competitions in weightlifting and Combined armsportu on the sports-based training center of the Sports Committee of the Central Army Club MoD RK Almaty program 2nd Games of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan among students of military educational institutions.

Made stands:

– In honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War (they were defending their homeland);

– Kazakhstan – 2030;

– About the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

– On the activities of the senior military leadership of MoD RK.

In accordance with the Law № 561-IV dated February 16, 2012 “On military service and the status of” pursuant to paragraph 12 of the Rules of preparing citizens for military service, the organization and conduct, as well as the formation of educational and methodical basis of basic military training, approved Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 11, 2013 № 118, order of the head of the Almaty regional garrison on September 3, 2013 number 32 and the order of the rector KazNMU im.S.D.Asfendiyarova on October 15, 2013 № 1546 military Department took patronage over 17 medium and special institutions Almalinsky city to assist in the organization and conduct of basic military training, patriotic and educational work with young people.