Department of Internal Medicine №2 was founded July 18, 2007 for the teaching of internal and occupational diseases and preventive medical students, pediatric and dental faculties.

Head of the department — Doctor of Medicine, Professor Saul Kasenova Laikovna.

Employees of the department published » Сборник тестовых заданий по внутренним болезням» (Almaty, 2009. — 192 p.), «Ішкі аурулар бойынша тесттер жинағы» (Almaty, 2009. — 192 b.), » Сборник тестовых заданий по пульмонологии» ( Almaty, 2010. — 108 p.), » Пульмонология  бойынша тесттер жинағы» (Almaty, 2010. — 108 b.).

During its existence the department published 6 textbooks, 30 scientific articles. Priority direction of scientific research is pulmonology and pathology of the internal organs in elderly and younger ages. Kasenova S.L. for the first time in Kazakhstan, conducted research and published a monograph on the subject: «Эндотелиальная дисфункция при артериальной гипертензии»(2003). Interest caused by the publication of scientific work, has led to an invitation to the well-known cardiologist Professor Thomas Lüscher, University Hospital of Zurich, where she was awarded the honorary title «Visiting-clinician and visiting-scientist» of the University Hospital of Zurich (Switzerland, 2010). Professor Kasenova SL is author of more than 140 scientific and methodical works, including 3 manuals: «Внутренние болезни №2» (2008), «Ішкі аурулар» (2009), «Здоровье людей пожилого возраста» (2013)

In 2013 and 2014 students performing research in the scientific circle of the department, won prizes at competitions of the SRWS University.

The department has 8 teachers, including 1 Doctor of Medicine and 2 candidate.