Dear colleagues, conference guests, our partners!


Dear colleagues, conference guests, our partners!This is our sixth year we welcome our colleagues and associates within our University.

The first conference in 2008 has become one of our Traditions aimed to gather passionate scientists and professors to discuss the most burning issues and to attract Kazakhstan medical community to the achievements of contemporary medical education, world science and practice. Every year we strive to expand joint scientific and educational activities with our foreign partners. This is one of the ways to stay in touch with professional associations, employers and University alumni.

           The beginning of December is not chosen by chance for “University Days”. If we go back in history we see that December 2, 1930 is the very day the first Kazakh medical institute was founded. By the order №260 of Public Healthcare Committee dated November 30, 1930 Sanzhar Dzhafarovich Asfendiyarov was appointed а director of the medical institute. In 1989 our university was honored to be named after S.D. Asfendiyarov and in 2001 we awarded the national university status.Annual three days’ activities include a speech-day, during which the participants can learn about contemporary achievements in medicine from the outstanding world scientists. 20 and more conferences, master-classes and seminars in different spheres of medicine, pharmacy and medical education will be held on the second conference day — “Faculty Day”. Inauguration of the students’ government, consecration of freshmen into students, student debates, intellectual games, sport competitions, alumni meetings will be the content of the third day — “Students’ Day”.More than a thousand participants, representatives of over 20 partner-universities, members of professional Associations and a wide geography of foreign guests from over 40 countries of the world are among those who share this annual tradition with us.

International round table was first organized in 2011 when we all faced the necessity to have this dialogue with our partner-universities. Last year we discussed the way to create the new model of the 21st century’s University, this year it is time to discuss “Integration of education, science and practice”.

In 2013 the key topic of “University Days” is “Contemporary tendencies in world development of medical education and healthcare. Possibilities for International Cooperation”. International cooperation and university recognition is an effective platform to elaborate the further plan of actions with our Partners.

On behalf of University staff I am happy to welcome all participants, guests, colleagues, university alumni and I do hope that conference results will be fruitful and useful.


Sincerely yours,

A.A. Akanov,


Asfendiyarov KazNMU