For the best oral reports:

1st place

Balmukhanova A. – 3 course, GM 09-059-01 r (in English, Department of Pharmacology)

Baikenzheyeva A. – 2 course, GM 10-034-02 r (Department of Histology)

2nd place

Abzhapparova K. – 1 course, GM 11-031-01 k ( Department of  Pathologic Anatomy)

Toksanbayeva A., Shubina A., Khaziyeva N. – 2 course, GM 10-047-01 r ( Department of Normal Physiology)

For the best poster reports:

1st place

Slamova A. – 2 course, GM 10-025-01 k ( Department of Normal Physiology)

3rd place

Suleiman A. – 1 course, GM 11-003-01 k ( Department of General Hygiene and Ecology)

They are our pride! We wish them further success and achievements.


The Dean of general medicine faculty

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