Conducting psychometric testing among the students of 1st course KazNMU


Conducting psychometric testing among the students of 1st course KazNMU
Referring to the contract 492 of 12 September 2014 between  »Kazakh National Medical University named after SD Asfendiyarov» MOH (hereinafter KazNMU) and LLP +»Center of psychotherapeutic services» Parasat «(hereinafter Parasat) September 16, 2014 was conducted psychometric testing among first-year students, where students were assessed personality traits (independent software) (IS 0012864 from 08/07/2014. Asylbekov LU, Galiev KJ) and logical intelligence (Identification No IE-18 from 19.10.2001 ).

The purpose of psychometric testing of 502 1st year students was to determine the level of implementation of personal competencies, in particular some basic: ethics, intelligence, stress, communication, and , due to acquired competence- dedication, focus on the quality of training activities, cooperation, competitiveness.
Analysis of the results allowed to distribute students into 3 groups.
1)a group of students that are adapted to the educational process (204 respondents) who are willing to take the educational information, to be creative in thinking, able to make and maintain a collective decision in the study group, and may also use innovative approaches in the development of the educational process.
2)promising group of students (128 respondents), which actively demonstrate personal abilities and organizational tendencies, are able to generate a positive attitude to achieve success in motivating learning activity.


3)A group of 170 people, identified as a risk group for which you want to develop additional programs that enhance personal abilities of students within the learning platform of the medical school of Republic of Kazakhstan.
For further work with these students have developed stages of the action plan for the development of KazNMU personal qualities of students (app. On metod.sovete Minutes № 1 of 10/23/14).