Club for personal growth and self-development «Rainbow»


Club for personal growth and self-development «Rainbow» Center of communicative skills named Juliet Draper performed implementation of the plan of activities for the first half: was held 52 academic hours of training work in areas of «Training of Trainers» (8 trainings , hours 16), where trainers and participants club mastered the skills the successful conduct of the training, the structure of the socio-psychological and psychotherapeutic training and public speaking skills and to overcome the difficulties in conducting group and individual training.

The next series of trainings was individual technique of Mental Health «Composure by Asimov» » in two streams 5 training (20 hours), whose author is Head of the Department of communicative skills, psychotherapy, general and medical psychology, dmn, professor Marat Asimov Abubakrievich . The project » Composure by Asimov» is realized in the Center for Communicatiointeraction Skills in 2013 in the form of group training and is an important tool in the structure of society and ecologic involves increasing emotional intelligence and prevention of nervous and mental instability and personality maladjustment. Club personal growth is grateful to the founder of the Club, the head of the CCN, author and curator cycle methodology Asimov Marat Abubakrievich, coaches ZarinaRahmidinova(intern), Altynay Kaumbaeva (HR-manager), Vladislav Soprunenko (intern), Madina Kasymzhanova  (intern) for their active participation and management trainings.

  Trainings’ motivational psychology «(3 trainingakadem.hours 2) coach who was a graduate of our university faculty» Public Public health «KuanyshKunanbaev got opportunity for participants to learn the existing system of setting goals and means of achieving them, analysis of the types of motivations, the practical application of self-motivation, as well as master the skills taymmenedzhmenta- structuring time.

At this stage of the annual work plan, the Club of personal growth and self-development «Rainbow» held a series of trainings «Transactional Analysis» Eric Berne, allowing to understand the structure of personality through the model of ego states «Parent», «adult», «child», as well as consider the characteristics traznzaktsiy- psychological aspects of human interactions. Leading Madina Kasymzhanova (intern g.ob. 1) under the direction of curator cycle — assistentakafedry communication skills, psychotherapy, the foundations of general and medical psychology, WHC, psychotherapist Bagiyarova Fatima Arystanovna  conducted training on the fundamentals of transactional analysis, functional and structural models of ego states, about life scenarios and requirements referred to in transactional analysis as a «driver» and «mini-scripts» that we enjoyed as a child, as the most reasonable at the time a means of survival to meet the needs of our inner child in love and recognition, but are not effective and not the actual way in my «adult» nastoyaschem- «here and now». After the winter holidays with Club 13 to 23 January will take another 4 training for further study of transactional analysis

The plan of the Centre for Communication Skills named Juliet Draper Club of personal growth and self-development «Rainbow» involves a psychotherapeutic training by the following methods: «Psychodrama», «Psychoanalysis», «Gestalt Therapy», «Neuro-linguistic programming», «body-oriented therapy «» Dance movement therapy «,» Art therapy «. Welcome everyone to know yourself and others, seeking to self-development and self-improvement every Tuesday and Thursday from 18.00 to 20.00 in the CCN 23 cab.

Have any questions, you can refer to MadinaKasymzhanova-president of the club, [email protected]; Mob.: 7011101710, VKontakte group: Club for personal growth and self-development «Rainbow».