Center of Communicative Skills, News.

Training  of  Sexual Contacts Infections  (SCI) was conducted for students from 9-11 of  # 66 Secondary School by A. O. Kurbanova, the leading expert of the Center of Communicative Skills, the assistant for the Department of communicative  skills, basics of psychotherapy, general and medical psychology.

The assistant conductors were the students of 3-4 years of study at University Sarra Galimova (General medicine faculty), Alphiya Rakhimberdina (Public Health Care faculty) and Diyas Arstanbekov  (Dentology Faculty).

Time of  length – 1,5 hour

Dates: 19, Nov, 2012; 21, Nov,2012; 23, Nov, 2012

Aims 2 objectives: to form some knowledge about SCI and contraception ways.

Audience category: students from 9-11 grades of   Secondary schools, 15-20 participants.

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