Alumni Wall of Fame


Alumni Wall of Fame

Our university has always been proud of  its graduates. KazNMU has graduated thousands of students who have entered professions and careers in a wide variety of fields including the areas of medicine, science, education, public service and sports.

In recognition of the many notable achievements of its alumni, the  University established the Alumni Wall of Fame in 2013. The KazNMU Wall of Fame was established to ensure that the lives and achievements of most accomplished graduates will be forever known among fellow graduates, current and future high school students, and the University community.

The Wall of Fame recognizes outstanding professional and public service achievements by KazNMU graduates. They have made a great contributions to medical science and health care system!

And now everyone can read their names on the central square of the university. There are plaques with the names of champions — the students and teachers, health ministers, heads of departments of health, science centers and research institutions.

The goal of the Wall of Fame is mainfold: to inspire our current students, to remember our esteemed graduates and to remind us of that the purpose of our university is to educate and raise good citizens.

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