Activity of the youth movement


The main purpose of the youth movementis to attract students and young professionals of both S.D. AsfendiyarovKazakh National Medical University, and other regional educational institutions, public organizations, student associations into the activity of «G-Global»communication platform.

To achieve the formulated goal the youth movementset before itself a number of problems:

To involve S.D. AsfendiyarovKazakh National Medical University students and from other iuniversities in the work of «G-Global» by the following areas: expert review, debates, publications, blogs, business projects;

To conclude Memorandums of cooperation with the student and other public organizations (the «Altynbelgi» Association, Kazakh Alliance students, «Bolashak» Association, etc.)

To promote the idea of “G-Global”through the KazNMU web site;

To involve students in the process of virtual debates and conferences organized on the basis of the Internet platform«G-Global»;

To promote the idea «G-Global» communication platform among students;

To support young scientists of the University in the publication of results of their scientific worksto the official website «G-Global»;

Assistance to the management of the University and the School of Economics to conduct an online conference in the walls of S.D. AsfendiyarovKazakh National Medical University with participation of the famous national and international scientists, Nobel laureates, public and political figures, etc.;

Encouragement of students to participate in online debates on current topics in the field of socio-economic development of Kazakhstan and the global economy;

Support of young scientists to the establishment and expansion of international relations in the fields of scientific co-operation, etc.

Official website of G-Global communication platform