About the work performed within the framework of the «ModeHed» project


A group of developers from KazNMU (Chair of Normal Physiology, Professor Sokolov A.D., Head of the Department Ryspekova S.O., Senior Teacher Zhunistayev D.D.) within the framework of the «ModeHed» project prepared and proposed for review the modernized training course on the discipline «Fundamentals of Physiology». This course is developed on the basis of the educational program for bachelors in the specialty «General Medicine» in accordance with the state educational standard of 2017.The upgraded course is an educational and methodological manual with the use of the most effective information technologies of instruction and tools for interaction with students in the learning process. In addition, the content of the educational program has been completely revised, supplemented with new data in the field of physiology with a clinical focus and adapted to the study of the discipline «Human Physiology» in two stages. The first stage is the study of the «Principles of Physiology», the second — the discipline «Morphology and physiology of the body.» Thus, in preparing the course, the following is accomplished:- developed a training and methodical complex (syllabus) in the discipline «Fundamentals of Physiology»;- the full content of the developed course, including the multimedia complex, as well as the IMCD are located on the portal dis.kaznmu.kz;

— an algorithm for registering students on the portal dis.kaznmu.kz, as well as instructions for using this training course