The Student social support and counselling administration


Head of  administration:

7Sultanova Makpal Tabyldievna

Telephone:8(727) 3387090 (internal phone 7160)

E-mail:[email protected]

[email protected]

The Student social support and counselling administration is responsible to:

— ensure the provision of effective services of counsellors, social workers, psychologists and other professional persons according to the needs of students in collaboration with the University;

— advice for current and prospective on a range of subjects such as money, housing, welfare and academic matters;

— support and encourage students in the promotion of cultural activities within University;

— ensure the provision of services required to deal effectively with issues of good conduct and discipline;

— provide guidance in Academic Honesty and Student Conduct Policies (Conduct Code and Student Code of Ethics);

— promote the physical and mental health of students through health information and promotion, medical screening services and healthy life-style programmes;

— support the students in the organization of special initiatives and projects.