The international company SGS conducted the 2nd year supervisory audit in order to confirm the quality management system by  NSE PVC » Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University» in compliance with the  international standard ISO 9001:2008. on 5 to 7 June 2013.


The audit was performed by lead auditor Mahmoudov A. ,auditor O. Popova, an expert in health field  Lokshin V.

According to audit plan, managerial activity appraisal (Rector) and the following university departments has been assessed:


   Departments: 11.  Medical-prevention faculty



1. Personnel accounting and monitoring  department 12.  Educational  Pediatrics Department
2. HA Department 13.  Clinical Affairs Department
3. Department of planning and control of the educational process 14. The students social-cultural competence development department
4. Department of Innovation and Transfer of scientific technologies in regions 15. Department of Strategy, Management and Development. The representative of the quality manual


International Cooperation Department 16.   General studies educational department
6. Educational methodical work department 17. Management office receptionist


Department of Management and Quality 18. The Public Procurement and material supply
  Centers, Laboratory   Chair
8. Analysis Center, monitoring the quality of education and scientific support for the reform of medical education 19. The Department of internship and resident tours treatment number 1
9. Translational Laboratory (Clinical — experimental lab) 20. Department of Surgery with the course of plastic surgery
  Departments, faculties, administration 21.  Pediatric Surgery Department
10. High Medical School (Dean of Professional Training Faculty (internship)    



At the final meeting of the SGS auditors KazNMU quality management system strengths were noted:

1. Management leadership;

2. Staff Qualification;

3. Internal auditors’ work;


The auditors noted an appropriate level of work in  following departments:

1. Department of Innovation and Transfer of scientific technologies in the regions

2. The students social-cultural competence development department

3. High Medical School Department

4. International Cooperation Department


Moreover, SGS auditors gave several strong recommendations for improving the process:

— Documents and records control;

— The definition of criteria for evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of faculty and departments;

— Maintenance planning of equipment and control management of auditorium fund.


The SGS company’s auditors concluded by the result  of audit, that Asfendiyarov KazNMU  supports  management system is in accordance with the requirements by  ISO 9001:2008 and demonstrated the ability of system to systematically achieve agreed service requirements within the scope of the system, politicians organization and its goals.

The QMS Department thanks the structural departments, QMS internal auditors, responsible persons for QMS and employee of departments, who demonstrated proper quality level.They showed functioning system, quality idea commitment. We wish you professionalism and success in your carrier.


 Management Systems and Quality   Department