November 19, 2019 in the audience 1 the 1st tour of the students’ scientific research work competition was held at the Department of Normal Anatomy. Students of 1-2 courses of the specialty “General Medicine” and “Pediatrics” took part in the students’ scientific research work competition. 14 reports were presented in 3 languages.

To evaluate the scientific works a commission consisting of 3 people was created: associate professor, c.m.s. Iskendirova A.M., associate professor, c.m.s. Orazymbetova A.M. and lecturer Iskakova L.A.

Based on the results of the scientific works listening and discussing the 1st place was taken by the 2nd year students of GM18-022-01 Sokolskaya Victoria, Zhali Bernar with the report on the topic “Variant anatomy of the openings of the cervical vertebrae transverse processes”; the 2nd place — 1st year student of GM19-014-02 Мukataev Еrmurat with the report
«Influence of mobile phones on the body»  and the 3rd place – the 2nd year students of GM18-24-01 Gosanov Yeskendir, Pak Marina with the report «The influence of gravity on the anatomical and physiological characteristics of human organisms».

Also, diplomas were awarded to the students:  Omarbekova Ardak the 2nd year of GM18-14-01 “For a heated discussion”, Musina Alsu the 1st course of GM19-025-02 “For the best report”, Kapanova Zhuldyz, Bereketov Bahadyr, Marat Aruzhan the 2nd year of GM18-011-01 “For the will to win”, Kuanysh Kalmyrza, Konys Nazym, Zhusіpkali Elikay the 2nd year of GM18-17-02 “For innovation”, Balgabek Aizat the 2nd year of P18-005-02 “For unlimited creativity”, Sergali Gulim, Altynbaeva Alina the 1st year of GM19-014-02 «The youngest participant» and certificates to all contest participants.