Еducational work at the Department of Histology of the Kazakh National Medical university named after S.D. Asfendyarov


Progressive science is not able to exist without corresponding educational work. That’s why the staff of histologic department of Kazakh national medical university named after S.D. Asfendyarov carries out its activities in accordance with the principle “unity of upbringing and education”.

Great Kazakh public figure Abai Kunanbayev wrote in his edification: “Education and science are the most important for any child. But children are not able to gain them without the help of an experienced instructor”.

The first of September is “The day of knowledge”. This is the day of agitation for brining up young people to respect world and national culture, to gain humanity, to go in for different kinds of sport.

For the fifteenth of October the department of histology planned the event called “Are you ready for the cataclysms?”. That event was devoted to the tragedy that took place in the village of Kizilagash. Besides the department planned to hold the event devoted to bloodshed of 1986. It was held as a part of celebration devoted to 20th anniversary sovereignty.

The students and teachers of the department organized The New Year party where Grandfather Frost and Snow-Maiden congratulated everybody. At that party there was a concert including songs, scenes and dances.

Before celebration of national holiday Nauryz (New Year or Christmas in accordance with ancient Judaic calendar) teachers of the department conducted competition in the Kazakh language for Russian speaking students. All the teams should show their knowledge not only in nation language but also in national traditions. Among the invited officials there were the dean of the faculty of general medicine R.T. Jumasheva and her deputies, and senior supervising professors.

There were also celebration devoted to 165th anniversary of great Kazakh writer and public figure Abai Kunanbayev, where students recited his poems. Every year there is the celebration devoted to the Victory in the Second World War.

It is necessary to remember that the full-fledged education cannot exist without corresponding educational work carried out by older generation.


Senior curator of histologic department                                                        G.K. Esymova