Manoj D

12 May 2016  |  Опубликовано в Вопрос

Respected Honorable Rector,

I D.Manoj Kumar Reddy son of D.Sreedevi shocked by seeing the information in the blog of University. It is not posted from my mother D.Sreedevi.

During these days some people are trying to spoil the relations among the students, later between students and NEO of Dr.Divya through whom we came here to study and now with this blog it is clearly indicating to spoil the relations among us.

Really Dr.Divya is helping us a lot more than a mother and we are very happy with her tremendous services and when we have problems she always use to tell that your problems and issues will be solved after the new rector takes charge and she initiated the students and given an opportunity to meet you in personal with your kind permission.

We felt very happy by seeing you and your concern towards the few issues raised by us before you for our better welfare.

What are the issues we have we already intimated you on that Indian students meet and we also mentioned some outsiders are trying to create problems to break our Unity.

Their target is to spoil the reputation of Dr.Divya and to separate us from her and their intention is to lure money from us as she is the real protector for us. With this blog now they are creating problems among us.

My mother also shocked by seeing this and intimated me to send this post.

Please try to find the people who are behind this and please warn them as it is not a good practice.

Dr.Divya is my cousin sister and with this blog my entire family is in shock and the parents of the other students were also shocked

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